Projekt N.2016-1-BG01-KA201-023726

Participants from the bulgarian school "Asen and Ilia Peikov" in Rome, in th project " Schools as part of the past, present and future of their capitals", funded by the European Union's Erasmus program, are working on several key themes and tasks.

The danish and bulgarian traces in the Danish capital.
In this connection, the research and the visits will be made to the historical sites related to artists from Bulgaria and Denmark who lived in Rome. 
Denmark- Thotvaldsen, Andersen, Ditlev Blunk, Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, Carl Bloch, Johan August Krafft, Albert Kuchler, Wilhelm Marstrand, Constantin Hansen.
Bulgaria- Ivan Vazov, Slaveikov, Asen and Ilia Peikov, Dimiter Dobrovich, Petar Parchevich.
Filming of film related to the bulgarian and danish traces in Rome.
The studies will be systematized and collected in electronic form and will be provided to the participants in the Rome summit in December 2017.
Photo exhibition on "Rome-Sofia-Copenhagen", where each school can participate with up to 15 photos to suit their city.
Adoption of the green space in Rome, maintening and planting of 3 trees from the three countries of the project. Raising the national flags of Italy, Bulgaria and Denmark and the European Union on the participation in the Erasmus + project.